Odour measurement equipment


Odor measurement

Standard gas is used for odor detection and measurement purposes Odors are usually generated by one or more low-density volatile chemicals detectable by humans or animals.

Sulfur Compounds Acid Alcohols and Ketones Amine Compounds Aldehyde

Product 01

Sulfur Compounds
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Component MSDS
Hydrogen sulfide 다운로드
Methyl mercaptan (Methanethiol) 다운로드
Dimethyl sulfide 다운로드
Dimethyl disulfide 다운로드

Product 02

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Component MSDS
Propionic acid 다운로드
n-Butyric acid 다운로드
Valeric acid 다운로드
iso-Valeric acid 다운로드

Product 03

Alcohols and Ketones
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Component MSDS
iso-Butyl alcohol 다운로드
Methylethylketone 다운로드
Methylisobutylketone 다운로드
Butylacetate 다운로드

Product 04

Amine Compounds
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Component MSDS
Ammonia 다운로드
Trimethylamine 다운로드

Product 05

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Component MSDS
Acetaldehyde 다운로드
Propionaldehyde 다운로드
n-Butyraldehyde 다운로드
Valeraldehyde 다운로드
iso-Valeraldehyde 다운로드