Portable Calibration gases


rigas ONE

rigas-ONE developed by RIGAS Co., Ltd is a compact high pressure standard gas.
It is made to be easy to use anywhere at anytime. RIGAS provides customers with the various components
and concentrations needed for the calibration and so on.

Pure gas Non-reactive gas Automobile Exhaust Gas Reactive gas(single component) Reactive gas(multi components)



High pressure



Special features

  • The quality and safety of cylinders and valves are guaranteed as certified products of DOT and KGS(Korea Gas Safety Corporation).
  • All products are provided to customers with certificate of analysis.
  • All products are traceable through international standard institution.
  • We will supply customers with the pressure you want and it can be refilled up to 10 MPa.


Our analytical operations are traceable through a calibration standard produced to either a recognized international standard such as KRISS, NIST, VSL, NPL, or a gravimetrically manufactured reference standard traceable to KRISS 1. WT CLASS standard masses.

RIGAS CO. LTD.’s small 1L standard gas tanks are refillable high-pressure cylinders available in two models, R1 and R2. Each standard cylinder offers high stability, confirmed according to composition and concentration standards. The detailed characteristics of R1 and R2 cylinders are as follows:


The cylinders offer improved compatibility and convenience with regular small valves and are suitable for non-reactive components and exhaust gas of automobile.

Components of R1
Non-reactive component, O2, CO, CO2, N2, exhaust gas of automobile, etc.
Size 1.0 L (D 8.1cm, H 33cm)
* Size including the valve
Weight 0.98 kg
* Weight including the valve
Material Aluminum Pressure 7.0 MPa or less
Body Ni plated Brass Connection 5/8-18 UNF thread


With enhanced stability for product concentration and special chemical treatment, they are suitable for reactive or adsorptive components.

Components of R2
Reactive component, PAMS, TO-14A, All components serving in R1
Size 1.1 L (D 8.1cm, H 38cm)
* Size including the valve
Weight 1.4 kg
* Weight including the valve
Material Aluminum Pressure 10 MPa or less
Body SUS Connection CGA-180

Product Information

Standard gas available
  • Atmospheric Environmental Calibration Standards
  • Automobile Exhaust Gas Standards
  • Petrochemical and Natural Gas Standards
  • Laser Gas Mixtures
  • Odor Standards
  • Volatile Organic Compound Standards (VOCs)
  • Toxic Gas Mixtures
  • Other Gas Mixtures
  • PAMS (Ozone Precursor)
  • TO-14A (Toxic Organics)